Friday, May 30, 2008


Thursday, May 29, 2008 – Saylor’s LAST T-ball game of the season…and quite possibly the last one of her LIFE…as she will start coaches pitch next Spring! She REALLY wanted to play coaches pitch THIS year, but because she has a late birthday, it was ANOTHER year of T-ball, making this her THIRD YEAR of T-ball. I am a bit relieved that the season is OVER, but a little sad too…AND YES, it took a lot of time out of our week but SHE really enjoys the game SOOO much! It’s her favorite sport, the one she wants to play year after year. Plus, it keeps her active! I have posted a few pictures from her last game which they lost. But does it REALLY matter who wins or who loses?? I say….NOT IN T-BALL!!! It’s all about the fundamentals of the game….learning the basics, learning to play as a team, and learning to work together. Some parents REALLY take sports TOOO serious! And to THEM I say, EASE up a bit……..quit living out your sports career through your children!! Of course, I had the overzealous parent sitting by me at the game last night! It really put things into perspective for me! I never want to be THIS parent! Sooooo, if you are EVER at the ballpark with me, and I BEGIN to HOLLER at the my child on the field, OR Holler at a Coach….OR Holler at the Umpire….PLEASE, PLLLEEEEEAAASE, quietly pull me aside and remind me of HOW ignorant I look and sound!! Thanks! Sheri :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Soapy, Sudsy, Bubbly set of DRUMS

Brian had to work late yesterday in Houma, LA when I got home yesterday evening, I had my normal routine of chores to do....UNLOAD the dishwasher, RELOAD the dishwasher, FEED the kiddos, BATH the the mean time while running Chandler's bath water....I walked into his room to get his pajamas --LONG SLEEVED, of COURSE! I noticed something a little bit outta the ordinary, his drum stool.... turned over upside I flipped it over...and EEEWWWWWWHEW....something yucky, sticky and gooey.... on the seat and NOW on my hands...WHAT the HECK is this CRAP!?!?!?!? THEN it dawned on me.... AND I remembered his prior incident of rubbing LIQUID SOAP on EVERYTHING in his room. Where did HE get this?? I thought, I put all of the LIQUID SOAP up high where he couldn't reach it! One glance around the room....NO SIGN of the tiny travel-size liquid soap bottles....I CHECKED the drawer to make sure the ones I previously put away were still in tact...and they were! STILL a BIG mystery WHERE the soap came from and HOW he got it.....EVEN after asking him several times...I never got a STRAIGHT my WORK began to clean the GOOK off of the drum seat....WIPE AND WIPE....the seat continues to turn white and streaky with LIQUID soap! Wash, Rinse, REPEAT.....TIMES TWENTY!!! THEN, I noticed the actual drums.....streaky and smeary TOO.....OH YES.....OH YES.....he decided to CLEAN the WHOLE DRUM SET.....NICCCE, HUH? Sooo...I guess he will have the CLEANEST set of DRUMS in town!! Just one little side note.... Saylor NEVER got into the things that he GETS into....he is VERY mischievous!! AND I am SURE to have my hands FULL with him!! BOYS will be BOYS, I guess ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OKIE TODAY begins my bloggin' career --


**I guess..... A daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.... diary of your life AND happenings in it!


**Many people....but I was INSPIRED today by a DEAR friend of mine, Brittany Theriot....AKA Britt. - who I babysat as a child...GOSH I feel OLD!


**Whenever YOU can or have time TOO....or have JUST something to SAY!


**Many places...myspace, facebook, or ;)

WHY do you BLOG?

** Cause you feel the NEED to express yourself! OR you have something FUNNY to say, OR a good story to share OR you have something you just need to TELL THE WORLD....or WHOEVER will listen to ya--


Sooo THERE are the WHO'S, WHAT'S, WHEN'S, WHERE'S AND WHY'S of bloggin' and NOW HERE'S my FIRST BLOG SMOG.........


BLOGGIN' = gangsta version of Blogging....J/K :) :) LOL :)

I guess it just comes with the textin' language....these days.....the URGE to shortn wrds down a bit-- in order to fit everything into a 1 x 1 inch screen--- You'll find my language, vocabulary, and writing skills aren't always that CORRECT or PROPER....but I DO get my point across ---

So until my next BLOG SMOG.... (I think I might change the name of my BLOG....from 2 Monkeys Mom to BLOG SMOG)......

ttyl :)