Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Wedding and A Family Reunion

Is this the YEAR for WEDDINGS or WHAT??? We attended our cousin, Brandon's wedding this past weekend which makes our fourth wedding within the last 6 months!!! We still have one MORE to go this year in September. And get this...FOUR out of the FIVE weddings are for first and second cousins of ours!! SIMPLY AMAZING! Congratulations to ALL you newly weds out there! Best Wishes to Brandon and Angela who got married this past weekend! I will have to say it was the HOTTESS wedding reception I have EVER been to! South Louisiana HEAT in the middle of July and the air wasn't quite working right...OK it wasn't working AT ALL! Until someone figured out about 1 hour into the reception that the breaker had flipped. So it FINALLY cooled down about the time the reception ended...WHEW!! I think my make-up MELTED off my face and I lost 5 lbs that night :) A side from the air not working, it was a FUN reception and we had a BLAST! I have included a couple of pictures.

On Sunday we had a Family Reunion to attend at Brian's cousin, Lori's home on the Diversion Canal. The reunion was for family on Brian's grandmother's side -- The East Family. It was one HOT day! The kids were lucky enough to play in the water on a slip-n-slide to cool themselves off. We enjoyed seeing and chatting with all of the family members that we don't get to see too often. Saylor ESPECIALLY LOVED playing with her little cousin Abigail. She and Chandler even got to feed Abby. She is the HAPPIEST and CUTEST little baby girl EVER! There was only ONE thing MISSING from the family reunion....Maw Maw Brenice/Aunt Joy's famous Coconut Cake!! After Maw Maw Brenice passed away ....Aunt Joy took over the duty of making the cake for all the family functions.....and sadly we lost Aunt Joy this past February....I guess I need to practice up on my coconut cake making skills, huh??!! We SURELY do miss Aunt Joy! Not only her coconut cakes but her sense of humor, her character, her love and just simply her JOY!

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